Read carefully there are some changes to meet government guidelines in relation to COVID 19.

The changes are only short term to meet guidelines being a ratio of 1 coach per 9 players max hence why some age groups may have to start later.

Please don’t panic if your group is starting later as mentioned we have no other choice and it will only be for the short term.

Good news we are back starting the week Monday 25th May 2020 being next week .

As per registration please turn up on your registered days initially .

All training will be held at lily’s Football centre , those that do first phase will come to lilys instead for the short term.

Those players born 2015,2014, 2013 ,2012 START 5.15 PM .

Those 2011, 2010 ,2009 ,2008 ,2007 ,2006 ,2005 START 6.40 PM – 8PM

We have incurred massive additional cost to get kids started and to ensure the safest environment for your child and to meet guidelines.

We ask you cooperate with us and also ask you are also up to date with your fees.

Uniforms will be ready for pick up next week.

Any concerns please call Anthony 0413 953 471.

Thank you
Welcome back.


As you have no doubt seen, all sporting bodies nationwide are having to adapt to a rapidly changing situation, and football is also in this situation.

ASR FOOTBALL is monitoring information from the State and Commonwealth government, FFA, Football NSW, and will keep you informed as new information becomes available.

Safety of players and their families is paramount. For this reason it is essential that we follow all guidelines from health and football authorities to maintain safety, as well as exercising common sense in terms of measures to minimise transmission.

The best sources of advice and guidance are the following, and we encourage everyone to follow this guidance:

At this stage, training is going ahead and our key points of advice are as follows:

- Do not come to training if you are feeling unwell, or have respiratory symptoms (runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat) or other related symptoms (headache, fever, nausea).
- If you have recently returned from overseas, particularly from the identified high risk countries, do not come to training until 14 days have elapsed.
- If you have been in contact with a confirmed COVID19 case, do not come to training until at least 14 days have elapsed.
- Wash your hands with soap and water regularly, and use hand sanitiser if soap and water is not available.
- Do not share water bottles or other equipment that may come in contact with body fluids.
- Maintain social distance at training – for this reason we are asking everyone to replace handshakes or hugs with nods, waves and other friendly affirmation.
- Avoid touching your face.
- While it should go without saying, do not spit (even on the ground) at training.

Thank you

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Front of jersey $5,000.00 + GST
Back of jersey $2,500.00 + GST
Sleeve $1,000.00 + GST

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Link to sponsor’s website from ASR website


This offer is exclusively for ASR Football Winter Program
All prices exclude GST
Once off artwork / setup = $250
Group ASR will provide a tax invoice to all sponsors upon payment

Winter Squads 2020 Ages 5-16 years

Firstly Congratulations to the number of ASR players that have been selected in various representative teams for the 2020 winter season.

The most important thing though is that your child is in the right environment with the right coaches where he can continue to grow and develop, being excepted in a so-called representative team doesn’t always guarantee that.

There are SAP clubs and then SAP clubs. There are clubs that select players and there are clubs that register players based on what numbers turn up to trial. Wherever you will go just ensure it’s the best environment for your child under the right guidance.
ASR FOOTBALL will be starting to form our teams for 2020 full time winter squads under 5 -16 years.

For new members please click link below for full details or you can contact Anthony on 0413 953 471.

Click link for details and to register:

Please note payment plans are in place but an initial deposit of $600 is required upon registration (NOW) 2019 to secure position or you can also pay the full.

See below dates due for remaining owing.
First Instalment Date: 01-02-2020
Final Instalment Date: 17-04-2020

2020 Winter Squad Fittings

The details for uniform fittings are as follow :
Date : Saturday 16th NOVEMBER 2019
Venue : Legea Head Office (Unit 5 13-14 Hallstrom Place Wetherill Park).

It is important those participating in the 2020 winter squads attend to be fitted to ensure uniform arrives in time for the start of our program.

Times : Please see below the times for what age group you will be in 2020 season,

- Under 5, 6 +7 – 10am start
- Under 8 +9 – 10:30am start
- Under 10+11 – 11am start
- Under 12+13 - 11.30am start
- Under 14-16 – 12pm start.

PS: As outlined $400 needs to be paid directly to the uniform supplier on the day.

See 2019 winter kit

Please note you can mix and match sizes to accomodate.

PLEASE NOTE : The kit will be used for 2 years and 1 off expense. The next kit needing to be purchased will be 2021 season as we had the same uniform last year.

Hope to see you all there - Anthony Ucchino

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